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Entertainment Industry

A true ally to the Stars, we form a protective strategic plan for our Athletes and Entertainers. As we speak, real estate agents across the Miami (Atlanta) area are logging on to our site trying to grasp our ideas and copy our model for attracting and servicing the top business and sports professionals in America. Here’s the thing, we actually care! So servicing our clients is not a business strategy or model, its a permanent way of thinking in our training & in our actions.

  • Lights, Camera, Action! I bet you knew that GA is #1 for major motion pictures. Atlanta Business Chronicle.
  • Home buying is an investment! Finding the best investments for our movie Producers, Directors, Actors & Film Crews are at the top of the list for our clients. We’re not only making sure they have a place to live while they film the best movies on planet in Atlanta(Miami) we’re making sure they receive the best tax benefits and advantages of home ownership that the owners of major film companies receive through the benefit of home ownership. We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk!
  • Event Space Rentals (we locate event space for film production through our massive referral network)
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