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Agent VS. Realtor What’s the difference? Who’s Better?

A licensed real estate salesperson or broker can be an Agent or a Realtor. Realtors agree to abide by a Code of Ethics in their dealings with buyers and sellers, this means that they agree to be reprimanded by a governing board or association for poor or disparate treatment under the circumstances for their dealings with clients. Realtors have joined a local board along with a national association and receive required training to keep themselves up to date on the latest real estate law and professional requirements. Agents, while they must take a state administered exam to become licensed, are not required to adhere to any professional standard of conduct or maintain proper training to represent buyers and sellers.

Agents also do not have oversight by a local or national association that will protect your interests as a home buyer or seller. Because of the professional requirements, Realtors have valuable knowledge and industry training regarding how to negotiate various terms in a purchase and sale agreement in the best interest of the client. Realtors can also provide buyers and sellers with help filing out the purchase agreement forms. Realtors routinely work with and, upon request, can provide seller with names of reputable attorneys, home inspectors, termite companies and persons providing other services related to real estate transactions. There is also no additional cost for what a Realtor provides versus an agent. So which do you think is the better choice?

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